TV Query: Is ‘Bones’ T.J. Thyne paralyzed in real life . Why Is Hodgekins On Bones In Wheelchair Is the actor who plays Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) on ‘Bones’ paralyzed in real life? If you’ve been watching the second half of “Bones” Season 11, you’ll have noticed that one of the team’s scientists, Jack Hodgins, has been wheeling around the lab instead of walking.. Bones Season 11 Returns with WheelchairBound Hodgins Why Is Hodgekins On Bones In Wheelchair more hodgins drama up ahead Moving on, TV Line notes that the second half of Bones Season 11 will pick up eight weeks into Hodgin’s recovery and he will indeed be wheelchair-bound. In addition, TV Guide reveals that Hodgins and Angela ( Michaela Colin ) will have to figure out how to deal with their relationship given his condition..

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