Wisconsin State Senate elections, 2018 Ballotpedia Who Controls The House And Senate 2018 2018 battleground chamber See also: State legislative battleground chambers, 2018 Ballotpedia has identified the Wisconsin State Senate as one of 22 battleground chambers in 2018. These are chambers that we anticipate will be, overall, more competitive than other chambers and have the potential to see significant shifts in party control.. Connecticut State Senate elections, 2018 Ballotpedia Who Controls The House And Senate 2018 Harley Rouda (D) defeated incumbent Dana Rohrabacher (R) in the general election for U.S. House California District 48 on November 6, 2018. Lisa Callan (D) defeated incumbent Paul Graves (R) in the general election for Washington House of Representatives District 5b on November 6, 2018. Bill Ramos ..

On November 6, 2018, 470 seats in the U.S. Congress (35 Senate seats and all435 House seats) were up for election. The Democratic Party won control of the  United States Congress elections, 2018 - Ballotpedia Nov 6, 2018 These states will determine who controls the Senate in 2019. Midterm elections 2018: Senate control will be decided in these The One Hundred Fifteenth United States Congress is the current meeting of thelegislative. January 20–22, 2018: First of the United States federal government. The majority of the 115th Congress is religiously affiliated with 90.7%  115th United States Congress - Wikipedia Nov 6, 2018 The Democrats took control of the House of Representatives, adding severalwomen.. Our 2018 Election Messaging experiment has ended. Democrats Capture Control of House; G.O.P. Holds Senate - The Nov 7, 2018 The midterm elections set up a divided Congress, with a Democratic House anda Republican Senate. With a Democratic majority, the House will have theopportunity to introduce bills that could 52 Places to Go in 2018  When the House and the Senate Are Controlled by Different Parties Nov 7, 2018 Following Democratic House gains and Republican Senate gains, The Fix'sAaron Blake analyzes the winners and losers from the 2018  Democrats projected to win control of House, but Senate remains in Review and predict the outcome of the 35 Senate races in the 2018 elections.That party will need to gain 2 seats to take control. This 3-part 115th Congress. 2018 Senate Election Interactive Map - 270toWin Polling shows generic ballot results for the November midterm elections forCongress (House of Representatives and Senate) in the United States betweenthe  Who will win control of the US Congress in 2018? | Midterms Nov 7, 2018 Democrats on Tuesday captured the House of Representatives and are set toexert a major CNN projects Democrats gain control of House. Election 2018 recap: A divided Congress, a divided America Nov 6, 2018 FiveThirtyEight's predictions for the 2018 Senate elections. If the Senate is split50-50, Republicans maintain majority control because Vice President Mike.Republicans Need A Systematic Polling Error To Win The House. 2018 Senate Forecast | FiveThirtyEight

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